Monday, November 23, 2009

Canyelles in November

This weekend we went to the beach apartment. I don't remember being there in the Autumn before, but the thought of going to the beach was irresistible.

Below is the view behind the apartment. We're on the third floor. Most of the coves on the Costa Brava were totally destroyed by over development in the 60's and 70's.

We are lucky, because this cove has only one side that is developed. The other is privately owned.

Below is the view from the apartment, as seen in the evening on Friday when we arrived.

Below us are car parks (the area is totally full in the summer) and a restaurant with a kiosk and a playground. On the other side (the right) is a little marina. At night time, we can hear the gentle waves crashing against the shore.

Below is the living/dining room and Jett sweeping on Saturday morning. There is a nice little balcony here.

The restaurant is on the left, the apartments on the right. The beach - straight ahead!

Canyelles Cove

Some bricks for Lizzy.

Some little fruits I saw growing. Everything changes so much in the Autumn.

Below - the Catalan Flag


K said...

Stunning pictures Missy!! I really enjoy heaing you through your blog - it's like you're here in the room....freaky. (Are you here? Is that ou behind the chair you sneeky little chipmunk?)
PLEASE watch this video:

I'm SUCH a fan of you.

Tiffany said...

My stomach is hurting... ! Great video.

Thank you Miss K. (never been called a chipmunk before)


kate said...

I'm back having a little 'reading about Tiffany' time. Love the photos and the beach in winter. Great one of the cat! Yesterday saw lots of new kittens playing and trying to survive in the last little bit of Obres on the main street. Today they were filling the holes and laying bricks - hope they are ok....I suppose the reality is that some will be and others not. Will reply to email soon - it's been a strange day! K xx