Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cleaning the Cupboard

I have trouble cleaning. Sometimes. It kind of creeps up on me and suddenly there are little dust bunnies and little spills on the floor and dust piling on surfaces.

I usually wait until I can’t stand it anymore and then I do a BIG clean. It can take hours.

Since moving to this apartment, I’ve been pretty consistent, however, I needed some motivation. I asked my friend to e mail me every time she cleans something. Well, not sweeping the floors or doing the dishes, but everything else.

I have a schedule up too, on my computer, of all the little jobs I’m suppose to do. I’m a big list maker. Some days I do it, and some days I don’t.

Anyway – as a commitment to cleaning, and a commitment to letting my friend help me, I took a photo of before and after I cleaned the kitchen cupboard.

The other thing too, is I don’t have a feel for where things should go. I have trouble knowing if I should put the bread over near the tea, or with the biscuits. If someone has some tips, or would like to come over and sort it all for me – you are very welcome.

Making a home. Through the clean and the unclean times.

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