Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding Motivation to Learn Catalan

Hello everyone,
I have been looking at language sites again, trying to figure out how to stick to my Catalan studies.
I have been living in Catalonia for 3 years. I can only speak the basics. I have tried to study, but easily get demotivated.
Everywhere I look I hear about maintaining motivation. Scarily of all, I even teach motivation. Finally it's time to take a deep look at my language block.
Unlike many foreigners here, I didn't choose Spain. I am here by circumstance. I don't have a previous relationship to Spain or Catalonia.
I also don't have a fettish for learning languages. I don't really care. Sorry, but I don't. I lived in Norway for so long parts of the language sunk in, but it wasn't for dedication to study.
So let's find a reason I can believe in to learn Catalan.
I would like to be able to read Ramon Llull. He is highly interesting to me.
I would like to be able to talk to people on the street. Sometimes there is a situation that I am helpless in, and I know I could be helpful if I could speak.
I would be able to join in family dinners.
But honestly, the biggest reason I need to pick up my britches (?) is to show my respect and support, in action, to the Catalan people/cause.
Catalonia isn't really against Spain. But they are pro Catalan. And many Spanish are against Catalans and Catalonia, just for insisting on their individual difference.
As a symbolic gesture of support, I must learn Catalan while I am here.
And that sums it up.
So, on my bookcase, I will write a sign saying communication, respect, support! And hopefully that will remind me of why I need to learn Catalan when my motivation drops low.

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thecatalanway said...

Well done you! You are fantastic - and making a public committment is HUGE! Now I'd better get on with studying or before I know it you'll have whizzed past me with pronouns and all! K xx