Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lloret de Mar July 2011

Well, it's my second visit this week. Today I bought a pair of pink pants! I love them. Compared to other years, there seems to be a prevailence of Eastern Europeans. Also many Russians and even a Russian mini market just off the main street. Albert remembers an avalanche of Italians for his torrid teenage years tearing up the town, but not any more. Germans, French, Norwegians, some British and lots of Arab men too, masquerading as beer drinkers and go go dancers. All well worth staring at for 30 minutes while licking an ice cream. We ate at Pop's, walked to the next cove and peeked into a few souvenir shops. All in all a very pleasant afternoon topped off by a cup of strawberries here at Canyelles. Oh! And I bumped into two Australian families on holiday!

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