Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding Motivation to Learn Catalan

Hello everyone,
I have been looking at language sites again, trying to figure out how to stick to my Catalan studies.
I have been living in Catalonia for 3 years. I can only speak the basics. I have tried to study, but easily get demotivated.
Everywhere I look I hear about maintaining motivation. Scarily of all, I even teach motivation. Finally it's time to take a deep look at my language block.
Unlike many foreigners here, I didn't choose Spain. I am here by circumstance. I don't have a previous relationship to Spain or Catalonia.
I also don't have a fettish for learning languages. I don't really care. Sorry, but I don't. I lived in Norway for so long parts of the language sunk in, but it wasn't for dedication to study.
So let's find a reason I can believe in to learn Catalan.
I would like to be able to read Ramon Llull. He is highly interesting to me.
I would like to be able to talk to people on the street. Sometimes there is a situation that I am helpless in, and I know I could be helpful if I could speak.
I would be able to join in family dinners.
But honestly, the biggest reason I need to pick up my britches (?) is to show my respect and support, in action, to the Catalan people/cause.
Catalonia isn't really against Spain. But they are pro Catalan. And many Spanish are against Catalans and Catalonia, just for insisting on their individual difference.
As a symbolic gesture of support, I must learn Catalan while I am here.
And that sums it up.
So, on my bookcase, I will write a sign saying communication, respect, support! And hopefully that will remind me of why I need to learn Catalan when my motivation drops low.

Tree Emergency

Police and the fire brigade were called when a branch of a tree fell
down across from our apartment on Monday evening.
The tree has since been cut down and changes the view quite considerably.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Fountain of Mura

One of the things people do here is to take their plastic bottles and fill them with water from a mountain stream/fountain.
This is the fountain of Mura. A clean fresh water straight off the mountain.
Today, by the way, we're celebrating Albert's father's birthday. We've been to a country house for lunch and had a wonderful paella! I was even too full to eat dessert!
What a lovely day!
Love to all

5k Run with Torches

Jett was great and ran very well.
It was our first year running in the evening. The run ended up in the swimming pool.
We had a great evening! Thanks to everyone.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh my! A Fruit Tart!

My happy thanks to Sara for this amazing fruit tart.
Home made and fresher than anything I have eaten in any bakery!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jett Made Mini Pancakes

It took only 90 minutes, and the kitchen is, well, um, used, but they were delicious and he did it all himself. Even made his self raising flour and caster sugar. :)