Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cheeses of Catalonia

This weekend there is a cheese gathering behind the church.
I have to admit the aroma nearly had me dodging the display. I was grateful that Jett and Sarah weren't there to faint.
Albert tried a cheese spread but my appetite was opressed while in the vacinity of the market.
We'll head back in the evening for a small purchase.

Bank Cue Reform in Granollers

I went to the bank on Thursday. It's been redecorated and the previous system of 'who is the last one' didn't seem necessary.
Until people started cuing for the ATMs and the cue began to mis with the people waiting for the cashier. Hmmmm.
People standing around asking what the other one was waiting for and what position they were in the line. Scary confusion for something that seems quite easy to manage. Perhaps it's just in the DNA.