Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bricks from Montblanc

This is a post especially for brick lovers - in particular Elizabeth. I must extend a warm and heart felt thanks for showing me the beauty of the brick. And now, I'm sure, part of me will always see the world with a shade of Lizzy's love of bricks.

The above is a brick play ground. While all the other kids are on the swings, you could examine the different bricks! :)

This little girl is fantastic - holding that ugly thing like it was beautiful. How to see with the heart!


Anonymous said...

Oh Tiffany!! They are most beautiful!!! And those cobblestones??I would be tempted just to roll around on the ground for awhile!!! and kiss them!! That one cobblestone looks like ancient fishies swimming in an ancient sea! I have never seen rocks of that shape used for cobblestone.

And that last photo? it is astounding you have captured the shadow of the bird!! I think it must be guarding what ever secrets those bricks at the top are holding
the ones that have all the holes...or maybe it is a sign from your black Madonna!!! Or maybe it is the eyes and nose of the buddha!!

Just imagine all of the people who laid that rock and hundreds? of years later it is still beautiful....what will we be saying when our Walmarts decay? We will be glad and a wish for faster erosion may come forth at the shame of creating such ugliness...but these rocks and stones we will mourn, and grieve and celebrate their beauty all at once. Somewhere inside of us the soul recognizes that this represents the universe we are all here in such structures and then we decay all at different times but no matter the state the essence is always present and intact even when the walls have eroded and are only 2 feet tall


on a final note I think that the difference between the Walmart and these old buildings is sheer lack of imagination. There were no signs of imagination in the building of walmarts only dollar signs and greed...

Tiffany said...

:) Glad you liked it and I an just see you rolling around and enjoying the bricks/cobblestones...
I thought the bird was super cool too! Love how you are looking at everything.
The walmarts or the cobbled stones - just people's ideas on how things should be done. We can't agree with everyone! So, let's look at the stuff we like. May as well Lizzy.
hugs and hugs for the love of bricks.

K said...

Hija love-billiant pictures -nice one!! Is the last picture a shadow of a bird or an imprint of one that flew too close?

Tiffany said...

Hello Blessed K!
Loved your last post. I'm so excited to meet you again after this transformation! Every post is sending you higher and higher.
bird shadow! :)
hugs and hugs